Hubert Senters here. Heads up, it’s not official like some brokers still take a little bit longer to shift over to the new contract. But you can that the transition is currently taking place so here in the USM18 which is the June contract only has $25,000 contracts traded on it. And you can see that the Sept. now has $314. So if I were you I would go ahead and start trading the September contract because it’s got more volume, it’s going to be easier to execute a trade if you’re just doing a day trade depending on your brokerage firm some will still let you trade, some won’t. It just all depends. It’s Tuesday, June 2nd. But like I said some brokerage firms will roll you earlier. They make it sound like it’s something to your advantage when they roll you it’s not. Basically, what they’re doing is they’re just kicking you out of the September or the June contract and making you trade the June the kick in the June contract and making your trade The September contract you still lose your position you’re because you’re no longer in it and then you’d be like in a new short trade but at a substantial lower price. So it’s not a huge advantage. It’d be nice if they traded longer. But anyway, you should do that and looks like on all of them right now are switching over except for the bund. The bund here is still $1.2. So it’s got a little bit different rules structure as you can see $1.2 million. It’s got $441,000 on the set. So on that one I would trade the 30 Sept, the 10 Sept, the 5 I would do Sept, the 2, I would do Sept and then for the bund, I would stay in the June for a little bit longer. I am going to be doing one last webinar this coming Tuesday on bond trading 101, how to make this amount of money in that amount of time risking that amount. I am also going to teach you a three step framework on how to properly pick the best market for you to trade. All you have to do is click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. Tuesday, June 5th at 8PM EST. Good luck. Have a great weekend. And I’ll see you on the next video.