Hubert Senters here. Another good day in the bond market. If you followed the correct trend analysis, so in this example I’ve got the sneak attack indicator which will give you both long or short. You just have to decide the direction. For me today, I want to pass on the long side and only play the short side. So this example right here, here’s your long entry, there is a short entry you can see the long here, right there at $143.21. I did not pick that one because I don’t want to have any part of that trade. There’s a stop but it didn’t hit your first target before it eventually came back and stopped you up. And then here’s the short trade right here, $143.12. And you do have to make the sound effects if you don’t mix sound effects that might be one of the reasons why you’re not profitable. You’re not making enough sound effects. But anyway, there is the short, there’s the stop, there is target 1, target 2, target 3 and then it retraced and let’s see it’s trading right now. It’s trading right here at $142.31, 30 seconds. Very important that you have a plan. You do have a plan. If you don’t you should make one up even if it’s terrible. Just have one at least, follow that plan is probably better than just halfway and doing what you’re doing now. Just take a minute write down a plan for tomorrow and then see if you can follow it and then see how that works out. You probably trade a little bit better by. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.