Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at a potential bracket trade for tomorrow, WYNN, Wynn Resorts Limited. Bracket trade potential or at least for this week. You never know if they’re going to fire off the next day or not. Potential long above $135.06 potential short below $129.46 that’s a bracket trade for this week obviously.

Sometimes they’re taking away from three to five days and they can take a max of about 21 days to fill but if it’s taking more than three weeks I just move on to the next thing. But anyway that is a potential for this week, WYNN.

VantagePoint is going to be doing one last webinar here on Tuesday July 2nd 7PM EST. It’s already July. That’s crazy. Anyway, they’ve got a really interesting little predicting algorithm that will give you a one to three days’ notice of which way this direction of whatever you’re looking at.

Let’s just say it’s a stock like Apple or to say okay, over the next one to three days we expect Apple to go higher or lower. Really useful if you don’t have enough time or interest in scaling the markets. It’s what I do every day and trying to figure out which direction these things are going and trying to figure out which ones are stronger trends and weaker trends and stuff like that.

I recommend it when people go hey, what’s the best way for me to scan the market I go well, I like Ichimoku. I do this but it’s a little bit more involved. It takes a little bit more time to master or you can use a special software that would scan for your particular thing and VantagePoint has their own proprietary algorithm. They’re going to be doing a demo like I said Tuesday, 7PM EST. I’m going to HYPERLINK you over to this page so you can register for the webinar.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.