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Worse Case SHTF Plan

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at the markets. I think the markets are going to get absolutely smoked because I think that the inflation’s situation is going to get control plus we got new variants of covid. Surprise. It’s more great news for the economy.

So here’s what I’ve been telling my members of the HSIC circle. These are the areas I think we’re going to. Now, I’ve been warning them two or three weeks. So if we take the covid lows to the most recent highs and you know just common sense that the stocks are no longer just going ballistic to the high side.

The past three months has been harder to trade stocks. You can’t just randomly pick anything and it won’t just go up. You have to be a better stock picker. So here’s what I think it’s going to go ultimately. Now, this is the worst case scenario. Worst case scenario. Actually, this is the middle case scenario.

I’m going to give you three case scenarios. I’m going to give you the low, the medium and the high so this would be level two. I’ll show you where level one is going to go so. And if we get past this then I’ll update my analysis. I think we’re going to go to $26,218 to $24,155.

From the covid lows to the high we’re going to retrace about 50 percent. Now, you might be going that’s nasty. It will be nasty but it will also be fun if you know how to short stuff. The number one point I think we’re going to go is from this most recent swing low to that most recent swing high. This is definitely doable in my opinion.

$32,095 to $31,430 that’s a pretty good pullback. Now, and if we look back further and I’m going to remove these so these are your two areas so $32,000 to $31,000 so $32,095 to $31,430. And then second phase $26,218 to $24,155. Now, let’s get those out of the way. And let’s say worst case scenario would be substantially worst.

What you would do is you’d take the 10 year bull market run from here to there and then it would get super scary. This would go back down to covid number so you go from this low to that high all the way back to the covid lows. So now you’ve got three areas to back stop or support yourself and you also have areas of where it gets there that’s where you’re going to do some buying.

A stuff that you really like so if you like Apple, Tesla or whatever it is you like those are the areas that you want to buy and pullbacks when we get to those junctions on the Dow index.

Mark Helweg is going to be doing a special webinar on The Invisible High Dollar Pattern. In order to register for the webinar which is happening Wednesday, July 21st at 7PM EST. Just click this button and REGISTER MY SPOT NOW. You know how to register for a webinar though.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.


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