Hubert Senters here. Quick question for you. I do both and you may do both also. But which one do you enjoy more and not just enjoy? Which one do you make more money on? Because we were having a conversation in the day trading room in the Live Trading Room. Which way do you prefer to make your money? Are you more a hardcore day trader or are you more of a swing trader? I am going to give you my opinion right here. I usually make more money in swing trading than I do day trading. It’s a less turnover and more profitable in my opinion as opposed to day trading. Day trading is more turnover, more cost and less profit. So it’s like high overturn or high turnover rate, high commissions, lower profit. It is fun. It’s challenging. Everybody likes to do it but I tend to make more money when a swing trade. I don’t know which one you make more money in and which one you enjoy trading better. Mark’s going to be doing a special webinar. He’s going to be doing it Wednesday, July 25th at 8PM EST. He’s also going to be doing one Thursday at noon. I do know that. I know I’ve got a page up here at 25th because I’m pre-recording this video because I’m headed to Florida and his webinar is going to be ‘’The New 3 Light Options Strategy.’’ Read the bullet points here what he’s going to share with you and I will HYPERLINK you to the page. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.