Hubert Senters here.

We had a massive move today both in the down direction and then back in the up direction so initially we were talking about the potential of potentially buying some Apple down in these areas and how we would trade that. So if you did that then what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to move your stop-loss.

So your initial stop loss if you went in that initial trade would be around $146. 77. I would then if I was long Apple which I’m not but if I was I would move that up to $150.12. Now, if you can get this thing to close above $157 it’s probably going to go to $168.65 so take a look at potentially move your stop ups with the massive move to the downside and now with the pretty good move to the upside for two days in a row.

Now, two days does not make a trend but this is how it managed that trade if I was in the trade with that. I still think the markets’ over time are going to go lower but we are due for a couple pretty good little bounces here so you could potentially get a $168.65 out of Apple.

Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll see you on the next video.