Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the question that may be on your mind. When is it time to purchase some more Amazon? Well, it depends on your risk profile obviously. And what I am looking at to add on to the Amazon position is number one, I want to buy some more of it because I‘m long at much lower. I can do one of two things. If this is an investment as long as I know that I’m looking at the longer timeframes like a weekly still intact monthly obviously it’s still going to be intact because this is vertical. So as long as I don’t go past my weekly cloud setting which would be a break around $1404 I should be okay. So I can kind of dial in here and see where would be a decent place to buy it at. And then when I have to do is just move back with my Fibonacci and go okay from here to there where’s a 50 percent retracement right in this area would be a decent place to potentially add some. Now, this would be a longer term investment. I’m not looking at a day trade. I’m looking at a longer hold. I can also back all the way back up to here and go hey, I may actually just be better off waiting if I can see if it will touch the cloud on a weekly so I’m probably going to do is I’m going to bump the order up of pieces and chop it up and go okay. I’m going about a quarter of my position here. And then I could buy a quarter of my position down in here or I could do halves or I could do third. Okay. That’s what I’m looking for. Mark Helweg and I are going to be doing a special webinar on ‘’How to Potentially Profit from Current Market Volatility’’ by taking small risks for potential larger gains. Click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. The webinar will take place Tuesday, October 30th at 8Pm EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.