Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Nvidia. They have earnings after the close. I believe it’s happening around 4:20 so be careful. When we did see the buy signal down here above the cloud and we had that as an aggressive buyer. If it gets through this area of $252 should be off to the races. You’ve got earnings. Earnings is always a gamble. I’ve seen people wipe out their accounts very quickly and I’m not laughing because it’s funny. It’s just it happens over and over. It’s just a pattern I see over and over. Be careful. Just because it’s going up does not mean it’s going to go up. It could miss earnings and drop like a stone. They could beat earnings and it could drop like a stone. So if you do trade just based on earnings, you’re gambling it is eventually going to get you so just be careful. It looks technically like it’s going to go higher and it has cleared the cloud and it’s cleared its overhead resistance so if you were a gambler I would say it’s probably going higher. I don’t use the trade that way. So just be careful on trying to warn you when it broke above the cloud, sell them at this break. If it was me if I was long here at $235 I would sell right now and take it because I wouldn’t want the risk in earnings to take away all my profits. Now, you may say well, what if it opens up at $280? Well, I guess I would just miss it. I would just lock in, you know, my $30 point move there and I would miss the next $30 point move but that’s okay. That’s called trading. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.