Hubert Senters here. One of our recommendations is to the downside on Western Digital, WDC. It is approaching the first target here at $33.98 so it should hit. I would say over the next three to five days just because it’s a little bit more of a slower movement than have a high beta that move around a ton after that the next spot after $33.98 is it could potentially reach $22.73 and then ultimately $11.30. I don’t think it’s going to get to $11.30. I’m just giving you options here. This would be target one, target two. I think one definitely going to hit there, two likelihood probably 50 to 70 percent you just got to wait and see how the price action weighs in then down here this supply again about a 10 percent chance of hitting it but target one is in play in this one right here depends on how it goes through target one based upon how your probabilities will play out on that. Also it depends on how the actual market the Nasdaq or the Dow. Index is if they roll back over or if they go higher but overall this thing has got a really good shot of hitting at $33.98 and then a pretty good shot at hitting $22.73. Silas is going to be doing a special webinar Wednesday June 12th at 8PM EST. Mechanical ‘’Done-for-you Strategy any market, any timeframe. CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. Click that orange button that turns black or outlines an orange that’ll registry for the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you in the next video. Hubert.