Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the markets. Obviously we’re starting to roll over here this thing.  It’s starting to get a little bit more squarely to the down side. Prepare yourself ladies and gentlemen. Protect yourself at all times. We are now below the turning and the standard line and acting like we’re going to go back down and test $2,930 on the S&P 500. If you look at the Dow, Dow is already pretty much rapidly approaching that area of $24,400 if that doesn’t hold the top of the cloud as where we will go. Russell is a little bit weak too. Next target $1,322. And last but not the least Nasdaq is still strong. Our thesis has not changed. The Nasdaq is still the strongest index if you want to be somewhere where you think safer although there is no such thing in the markets as safe. Actually it’s holding a trend better than those. Nikkei kind of sideways. You got the Dax rolled over a little bit. you got Eurostoxx 50 rolled a little bit. Not terrible though. I like the Bund. Now, we’re up two days on the Bund. I’m going to trade that one Sunday evening or Monday morning. I’ll be all over that one. The 10 year popped up a little bit. 30 year also popped up a little bit.  Gold I thought it was going to be $18. I was wrong. It’s only up $12 like $12.7. Copper is grinding sideways slightly higher. Platinum is not worth your time. Natural Gas acts like it’s going to go to $140. The target was on the $60 sitting at. Next target is going to be $140. Crude Oil sideways today. The meat market you had one hack of a gap down here on Lean Hogs. It’s probably going to drop down to about $40. No real change. And Feeder Cattle are live Cattle back into the grains oats not doing a ton. Soybean meal new shorts with a target $280. Corn target $304. Rough Rice target $10. Wheat target $448. Bean oil sideways. Soy kind of sideways. Coco short target $2,200. Coffee next target $90. Cotton sideways probably goes higher. OJ target $135. And then Sugar target I’m not going to comment on that.  One thing that I recommend you to do if you’re a day trader. Go to program trading dot com look up these numbers every morning which Hank and his team will calculate it for you. And as you can see you’ve had basically all sell signals. It had one little buy there at the very open 3 minutes in but it should makes sense. It had an open, a pullback, a pop-up and then after that it’s been all day long selling that will give you a good ideal of what’s going on. You compare that and contrast that with what’s going on in the price action with what’s going on in the program buying and selling numbers with what’s going on in the tick. It will give you in my opinion an unfair advantage against other people that don’t know to look at their stuff. I’m going to be doing another webinar Monday at noon EST on the Angel Investing topic. The reason I’m going to do it Monday at noon is because one of the companies that we’re recommending on that service is about to close the round of funding. And I don’t want you to lose out on that opportunity so I’m going to do one last webinar. I think they got four days that should line up with either the day before or the day of trying to get as many people to take a look at that to see if they want to do that. I’ll HYPERLINK you to the webinar registration. Good luck. Hope it helps. Have a great weekend. See you on the next video. Hubert.