Hubert Senters here. Had a question from a viewer. Question from Rich. Hubert just take a look at how these 2 stocks appreciated in 3 months time. AMZN on 3/16 had a low of 1626 today 7/2 it is trading @ 2904 almost double in price. TSLA on 3/18 low of 350 today trading 1213 more than tripling in price. Is this real value? So it depends on what your definition of real value. Yes. You could have physically bought at $350 and sold #1,213. I would say yes, that’s real value. Now, a lot of people will get tripped up on is it real or not? The price action is the price action. Basically how all markets work is by price discovery.  And it’s an open market auction theory so same thing back like when I was doing the old veterinary and type of stuff. I was trying to be veterinary. You go to the cattle yards and if you want to bid on head of cattle somebody might bid higher or lower than you. That was the real value. The same thing that we do it in almost every electronically traded markets. We’re all bidding. Placing bids. And we’re putting sellers what we think it’s not worth. Like we’re saying hey bid and ask. It’s the distance between the bid and ask but just a spread so yes it is really valued at that point. Now, if we’re talking about fundamentals I have no clue. I don’t follow that stuff. I follow charts and I trade the charts and the price action based upon what’s going on. I also do investing in Silicon Valley and some of that stuff. Those companies don’t even make money. They’re burning through money but they’re valued at hundreds and millions of dollars.It makes no sense to me. If you think about it the whole transaction thing between human beings is a people putting it on a piece of paper with deceased names on it. If I give this to you it’s worth a hundred dollars. It would be the same thing back in old day barter system like ”hey, I will ply your field in exchange for two picks.” That’s a valued exchange. We only think it’s valuable because we are already using this social contract with what we all agree that a $20 bills for $20. If we were exchanging rocks or feathers we’d all be in the rock business or the feather collecting business to exchange value. Yeah, I would say it’s real value. You have to be careful because right now in the markets amidst covid-19 is the market can whip violently in both directions and evaluation can go wildly up and wildly down. Right now, it’s a speculator heaven but those are real numbers like I’m not going to say they’re not real because you could actually place those trades and made those trades at $316. You could have doubled your money on Amazon. You could have tripled your money in Tesla. I would say that’s what they’re really worth today. That’s what people are willing to pay for them. And at some point it will double you too frothy and then people will go this company is not worth this amount of money. And then you could sell it or short it and bet on the down side. I’ll be speaking at the Wealth 365 event in little over a week. I’m going to HYPERLINK you so you can register and we will go through some Ichimoku, cloud charting analysis while I’m there. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.