onestep.gif  Access using the menu bar View > Toolbars > Customize menu sequence, and select the Toolbars tab. onestep.gif  Access using the menu bar View > Macros menu sequence, or from the main toolbar Macros button. Click the Toolbars button, and select the Toolbars tab. TradeStation Customize Toolbars: The Toolbars tab in the Customize dialog allows you to customize the display of toolbars within the TradeStation Desktop as well as work with custom toolbars. The settings on this tab apply only to the toolbars available for the active window that appears in the Toolbars list. Contains a list of predefined and customized toolbars.
  • Check this setting to select the desired toolbar to be displayed in the platform.
  • Show Tooltips – Check this setting to display the highlighted name when the cursor is hovered over the desired icon in the toolbar.
  • Large Buttons – Check this setting to enlarge the icons in the selected toolbars for easier viewing.
  • New – Click this button to create a customized toolbar.
  • Reset – Click this button to change a TradeStation toolbar back to the original default settings. This is helpful when an icon from a predefined toolbar has been deleted accidently.
  • Delete – Click this button to remove any customized toolbars that was created. This option is only available when a customized toolbar is selected. TradeStation toolbars can not be deleted.
TradeStation Toolbar Properties: Displays the toolbar properties for the selected toolbar. Customized toolbars are the only toolbars where the toolbar name and enabling and/or disabling the shared properties can be edited.
  • Select the customized toolbar to modify the toolbar name.
  • Shared – Check or deselect this setting if you want your customized toolbar to be shared.
  onestep.gif  Click Close to apply any changes.