How to Trade Gaps


  1. Pete Siudara

    I noticed you using an indicator on TS that I couldn’t find in their list of many indicators. Where did “Value Charts (R) (14,0.2)” come from?
    I would like to trade GC but I’m more of a scalper vs. a “good night” type of guy? I used to follow only the TF, but now I follow C,W,S, US NQ and GC.

    P.S. Are you doing less with TTM and more of your own thing?

    • Hubert Senters

      Pete Siudara

      You can get it a

      Let me know if you want it. I know the owner and should be able to get you some kind of a discount.

      Still doing what I do over there. But also building up my personal brand.
      So that I can help server more people learn how to trade.

      Hope it helps

  2. Sam

    Very, very instructive video Hubert. Really appreciated.

  3. David

    Hi Hubert, thanks for the great video, quick question.

    I’m new to trading futures and when I look at my charts for the dow mini or S&P with TOS I never see any gaps in the charting. Even looking at a 1 minute chart and out to a daily. Is this because they’re data feeds aren’t in real-time like maybe I would have if I was using trade station? I also can’t access some of the symbol quotes you do, is this also a ThinkOrSwim issue? Thanks so much!!

    • Hubert Senters


      TOS charts the Globex session.
      I think there is away to turn that off so you can see the gap.

      Call TOS I bet they know how to turn it on an off.

      Hope it helps


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