Time to Change Contracts


  1. leo

    I don’t want to trade Low-Probability market’s, like Bonds are now : 3/2/13. I want to trade the Best-High-Probability markets; like #1. Coffee #2. Soybeans #3. The Yen …( LONG ) *Hubert save this e-mail because in the future you’ll want to thank me. ** PS: I’m thinking of starting a recommendations service. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hubert Senters


      Not sure what your are talking about bonds are a great instrument to trade.

      My advise for Reco Service are as follows:
      1. Really Trade
      2. Provide great trades
      3. provide Great Content and Education
      4. Actually care about people.
      5. The more people you help the more money you will make.
      6. Work your butt Off.

      Hope it helps


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