Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Dollar Tree burn this in to your memory. These things will haunt you for the rest of your life if you don’t know how to recognize these patterns so. It’s not a perfect head and shoulders. It’s kind of like a lap sided head and shoulders pattern when this happened so I am going to show you what to look for here. So this can be considered the head right here. This is the shoulder here. And then there’s the lower shoulder. So you can see the head and neck line down and that’s not the most alarming thing even though that is one of the worst patterns that you can do. You can also do a reverse head and shoulders for up moves. But this is what really get your head and shoulders with a gap down then consolidation and then gap down again. Bad. Nothing good comes from it. Okay. So DLTR, Dollar Tree is going to get smoked to the downside in my opinion. It does have some support down here at around $68 to $70 which are probably where it will stop at but heads up, Dollar Tree probably going to lower if you want to short it. It doesn’t look like a bad short in my opinion. I am going to be doing one last webinar on how to potentially I make $6,281.25 in 10 days risking only $312.50. Also I am going to give you a framework to pick what’s the best market that you should try to trade. So if you’re trading some and you’re losing money this can potentially fix the problem if you just, you know, figure out what a better market for you to trade for your personality and trading style. This will be the last webinar before I go on vacation and teach the bond trading boot camp live so this would be the last webinar before that. Sign up is on the page click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW we’ll see you next Tuesday at 8PM EST. Hubert.