The Next Trade


  1. doc naka

    hi hubert

    been following and watching you and john for numerous years.

    i seemed to recall i saw your ad inviting new members to join your chat room for 149 usd?

    and that was when i was in china.

    but i could not find that ad now upon my return.

    could you pls resend? thx much, hubert.

    also, may i pls be allowed to pay the initial 149 usd first, without really going into and using the chat room until july 2013?

    reasons being that starting from july, 20123, i would not have to do any more extensive traveling for another year or so. and at which time, i would be able to focus 100% in your chat room with some serious trading intention.

    would you be able to allow me the leeway pls?

    warm regards as usual

    dr naka

    • Hubert Senters


      No worries we will hold a spot for you.

      Hope it helps


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