Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at SWKS, Skyworks Solutions. Now, there’s a one day buy signal which would be an aggressive signal. Let me show you why I recommend that you don’t take it yet and just going to on why are you talking about. Well, sometimes it’s really important to figure out what is a good buy signal versus a bad buy signal so number one, it is above the cloud which that’s good. It’s above the turning. It’s above the standard line. Look down here at the ADX. You see how the ADX is below $20. And it’s actually pointing lower. This thing is laggy. It’s a lagging indicator. That’s okay. Ideally, we see this thing going in the up direction headed towards $20 or above $20. Also the lagging line here looks like it’s going to go with it. So you’re going to have to wait a couple more days and what you’ll see is, you know, potentially another candlestick here like that. And then another candlestick here like that or something like that. You’ll see the lagging line start to close above the cloud and you’ll see the ADX start to turn at that point then you want to start thinking about long unless you’re just super risk tolerant and you love a lot of risk and you like to gamble well then you could go long Skyworks Solutions here at the $99.66. Your stop-loss could be $97.54 and your potential target could be in the area of you know $115. For me, I’m a little more risk averse. I don’t mind risk but I want to take a calculated risk. So what I would do in this situation is I would wait or I just get a lot of people asking me about seasonal patterns and if I use them Silas over TradeThirsty has a video. I am going to hyperlink you to on a service that he runs called Seasonal Swing Trader. I am going to hyperlink you over there. Take a look at that short video and then if you are interested CLICK TO ACCESS SPECIAL OFFER. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.