Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at an IPO named slack. This is a company that I originally invested in as an angel investor. I’m no longer in. I did not participate in the IPO. I sold my shares to Softbank hedge fund before the IPO. So my opinion of IPO still do not change like this company is still losing money even though we were able to make a lot of money on trading and as angel investors.

I would not invest in an open market yet until one of two things happened. What I would do same thing I would trade most IPOs is most IPO end up being very lackluster or total failures. So what you do is you can you can either take the opening price high or two minute chart was like $38.93. I would probably go up here and say okay, it did a high tick of around $42 or about at $21.

I want to do good old fashioned Kmart blue light special ladies and gentlemen when you half that the two becomes a four and arming the four becomes a two and the two becomes $121 is where I would pick that up. Now, this is the first day of trading. Also if it goes through $42 I could rebuy it. Right. So either one about down here at $21 or as it’s taken out $42.

That’s how I kind of like to trade IPOs the other way I like to trade IPOs  is I like to trade them in the in the private market as an angel investor and you can jump out pre IPO if you get somebody to bite off of you the way we were able to have I believe it was Softbank bought ours. But anyway, hopefully that helps you with the IPO process.

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It’s $7 for 30 days if you decide to keep it, it will be $97 a month if you decide not to keep it and you’re going to be out a massive $7. Okay. Like I said I will HYPERLINK you over to that form.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you in the next video.