Hubert Senters here. Now, we’re talking about the short side position of Fibonacci you’re just going to draw from the opposite direction. Pretty simple, right? So if you were going a short Amazon which is not a great idea but if you are going to do it what you would do is you draw. So what we’re doing earlier we were doing like this for a long. We’re going to draw from the low to the high to get a pullback to this area to potentially buy. And you can see that the most recent one was right here. We’re going to draw from this low to that high and then pull it back. Now, let’s say – I’m going to short this thing. I want to short this thing on this bounce right here. Okay. You can do whatever you want. What you would do is you’d go from the high to the low and as it bounce right in there you would short it right there so for a long position you’re going to draw from. Easy for me to say, right. For a long position on Fibs, you’re going to draw from a low to high for a short position you’re going to draw from high to low and let it bounce into your $50 or you’re $61 percent retracement. Hope it helps. Good luck. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.