Hubert Senters here. Still same blanket recommendation short like the russell to the down side. On the 30 year bond which is the strongest one right now. I’ll jump out on the bund this Friday. So this is TLT if you want to trade that it might be a decent buying opportunity with a real deadly tight stop-loss and try to go to $180 so obviously the Fed decide to cut rates to zero basically so on the day of the market freaked out. Gap down, limit down, halt trading for 15 minutes and then we opened up. We went a little bit higher and then at the end of the day we basically took out the lows.  So brush up on the limits I think. First day they go limits. The next day they go limit for 15 minutes. The third day if they go limit down they’ll close for the entire day which will be for week. People out will be careful ladies and gentlemen. Be careful. That’s what I’m doing. Also USO it’s down. Today, it’s got just barely down into the 5 like $5.92 so I’ll be doing that also. John is going to be doing a special webinar Market Meltdown. The trader who ‘Predicted both the 2008 and 2020 Crash Discusses What’s Next.’ I call him Johnny Aussie because he’s from Australia. He’s going to be doing a webinar on what he’s doing. That will take place Tuesday, March 17th 8:15PM EST. I will HYPERLINK you to the registration form. Hubert.