Your Questions, Answered # 2


  1. miguel

    Hello Hubert,

    I Have Been Day Trading The Equity Market For A Year Now and I Am Still Struggling To Get Good Consistent Results… As You Said We Need To Find A Market That Fits Our Personality, The Question Is, Which Market would You Recommend Me To Move On? Or Could You Please Advice Me Where I Can Get the Proper Education In Order To Make It In The Equity Market? Thanks Hubert,

    • Hubert Senters


      It take about 3-8 years on ave to get really go at this.
      When i say go I don’t mean you ever stop learning though.

      First thing you have to figure out is. Are you a Trend trader or Counter trend trader.
      Then it will make the rest of it a little easier.

      After that are you a pullback trader or a breakout trader?

      Hope it helps


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