Hubert Senters here. Had a question from a viewer. Hubert, I was watching your video on Ichimoku again and became confused. Looking at the image today on 1 min time frame should I: 1. short this stock if I were to place an option right then because it’s below the cloud or? 2. go long because it’s moving toward the cloud at the position? Obviously I could wait and watch this move further, please provide feedback on the either of the two questions for that image. Let me go grab this image really quick. So I took the snapshot. Based upon this Mike your thing on a 1-minute chart IMMR one day, 1-minute is below the cloud. Therefore without me knowing anything I would say it’s a short intraday but it’s not the way I do it. What I do first is I look at the daily or the hourly and make sure I’m going with the broader market flow of that instrument. In other words where’s more pressure. So if it’s a long in the daily I would wait for the 1-minute to cross the 1-minute cloud and get in sync with the longer time frame. If it’s a sell on the daily then yeah you could short it just as soon as it goes back below the turning line on a 1-minute chart. Let me show you what I mean so right off the bat I think looks like a great long because it’s above everything that matters and all it did rotate it into a sell. So that is the daily of your chart IMMR. I’m going to take a look at the 60-minute. The 60-minute is up. That’s good. And the 1-minute that you’re looking at. Yeah, you were looking at back in here probably and you’re saying hey, should I short this thing because it’s below the cloud or long it because it’s going towards the cloud? I’ll look at it like this. I want it to rotate below the chart on a smaller time frame and trade there a little bit and then cross back above. So I would get long one, two or three like right here in this area of $14.61 is how I would pull that off. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.