Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Chris. He says hello, I have been receiving your daily emails for years now and I love your short videos which every day go straight a selected issue. (More than chocolate chips, they are gold nuggets.) Thanks Chris. Glad you’re enjoying them. Today’s issue was what you happily name a ”slingshot trade” signal based on a price pulling back from Ichimoku standard and turning lines. Now, my broker being Interactive Brokers (and not TradeStation) and my chart provider being StockCharts, I wonder how I could scan your ”slingshot trade” signal (on a number of different time scales). Would you have any recommendation to make, any useful link to provide? Thank you in advance for your kind answer. Chris, it’s a great question. Not a lot of programs have that built-in. I’m currently working with Wealth Charts to make that easier with like couple clicks. You could do it in Trade Station. You’d have to pay a program for you to do that to. I don’t know of a ton of people because what you have to do you have to build in a logic so it has to be in an uptrend above the cloud. It has to be above the turning line then it has to go below the turning line and then below the standard line and then you want to go back above the standard line. So it’s just a little bit more complicated to scan for. It is doable in some platforms. Not all of them and like I said currently. It’s not available anywhere that I know of right now other than manually doing it. But I am working with Wealth Charts and I would say the next three to six months it will be finished over there. Mark Helweg’s got a webinar he’s doing ”The Simple Way to Trade These Complex Market Conditions” which is going to be taking place this Saturday, November 14th. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. It feels like it’s been a decade in 2020. I know it sucks for a lot of people. The year is almost over. It’s crazy. Saturday, November 14th at 11AM EST. I’ll HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next one. Hubert.