Hubert Senters here. Had a question from a viewer. This question from sosendit viewer, sosendit viewer has just started e-mail. One of our e-mail service. I did not have a position on Netflix either way but I noticed that this AM it has been up almost 4 percent. I’m curious if there’s a percentage accuracy figure when using the I-cloud as a basis for predicting directional moves. Thanks so much. Love your advice and webinars. There’s not one that I know of. Now, you could do certain different signals on Ichimoku are more accurate like percentage wise then other ones but it will rotate back and forth which one that is. But there is not a percentage accuracy of like hey, if it breaks below the cloud it’s going to drop down to like $250 and the accuracy is 92 percent. There’s no such thing that I know of unless somebody else knows of it. It would be very hard to do it and you’d have to – it would be tied directly to that particular equity that future, that forex, that crypto so no. I don’t think you could do it and it would be so inconsistent. I don’t think you could use it unless you just merit to one or two things that you just traded and you just got really good and one of the specialists. But hopefully that answers your question. It’s one of the best free indicators that I know of for technical to get you up and running really quickly so that you can figure out this thing going up, it’s going sideways or it is going lower but there is not a percentage accuracy figure based upon hey, if it breaks a turning line what percent does it go to the standard. If it breaks the standard line, if it breaks the cloud, what’s the percentage. Because you know Netflix probably going to go lower, below the cloud but it could be prior to and there’s not a way to quote unquote accurately predict with percentages how far that will go. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.