Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Mitch. Hello, enjoyed the free video on NIO. What would you recommend for a stop price? I have a cost basis of around $15. Thanks, Mitch. I’m assuming it’s long because he’s happy about it. Let’s go take a look at NIO. And he’s in it at $15. Just a good press, NIO. So I’m going to pretend I am you and I have the entry at $15 which is basically right there. What I would do is I would figure out. Anytime you do a stop-loss if you don’t have a system for it you have to say if it came all the way back down here and stop you out would you want to throw a fit? Would it hurt you? Obviously, it would. So depending on how much you have. It’s already had a pretty good run from $15 to $50. If you’ve got the ability so if you have more than a hundred shares which I’m assuming you do. I would sell some of it. I would sell either a half or a quarter of it and just lighten up the load. If this thing ends up being competition for Tesla it will be in the thousands. But it could also come down here and rip your face off and stop you out. So that’s what I would do first. I would take some profit off the table because nothing ever goes straight up and straight down. And then I would also put on the parabolic SAR and this would help you trail your stop-loss. Now, you will have to dig in a little bit deeper than I’m willing to go on a video because I don’t want to be 12 minutes long. But if you look for the parabolic SAR which is right here and then apply it. Now, I’m going to have to format it. What it’s saying right here based upon a daily chart is your stop should be $40, $55. You’d been in it longer in a day. You’ve been in this thing weeks or months so what we would do is we dial this let’s say on a weekly stop. A weekly stop right now saying $31.21. But it’s not bad and you’ve locked in some profits too. And then let’s go to a monthly stop because you’ve probably been in this for a month or more. So in this type of situation it’s saying the stop is down here at $7.39. That makes no sense for you. You would lose $7 on that trade. So you might have to start with the weekly and go are you ok taking some off the table and then bump in your stop up to around $31.21. That’s what I would do. Both of those. I hope it helps. I hope it didn’t confuse you more but stop-loss is an entry. It just really depends on your style and what you’re willing to risk. Ron Haydt, go checkout his webinar. He’s really a solid guy. It’s a solid a webinar. See the Top 10 Stocks for Year-End. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.