Nasty Chart Pattern

Hubert Senters here. Let’s walk through some chart pattern tips. So for today you can call them fractiles. You can call them swing points. You can call them market structure points. I really don’t care what you call them. They’re kind of nasty which I may use the subject line dirty charting signals. What you’re looking for is this it kind of looks like somebody is slipping you off in traffic. If you’ve never been flipped off in traffic you’ve just probably hit money. Fair enough. What you’re looking for is going to look like this. That’s one finger. There’s two fingers. There’s three fingers. I’m not trying to be crew just for the sake of being a crew. That’s what you’re looking for in this pattern. It can also be to the down side. Down. Down. Down. That’s what you’re looking for. I always just think of like something. You’re flipping the bird or receiving one. So if you look on Apple here and you can see nice little one there and one here. And then this one is a little bit deformed because it’s down below. This one is a little bit more. It’s not perfect. But look nothing really is perfect in trading. So there is the top finger. Here’s the bottom finger. And then here’s the little right finger. It’s not a perfect set-up. And it’s ideally it will draw your eyes to that market structure high. And right here is another one see like one, two, three. There’s a market structure low with a bounce. Here’s one and then there’s one here. Little one here market structure with a bounce. So if you look at stuff like that, that’s Apple. Let’s go see if what we can see. There’s TSLA, Tesla. This is a perfect one. When you’re looking for them this is a pretty looking one. So if you can find these pay attention to them. They can potentially make you some money. So in this one, you’ve got a low, lower low and then a higher low and you can see there’s a little market structure right there. Now, some people if you’re going to go from fractile you can go high and then you go one, two, one, two, that’s a fractile. Also looks like somebody is flipping you and the other bird. They’ll work both for longs or the shorts. If this comes at a high point that’s probably a topping point. And then if you have one to come down like this then you have here, here, here, here, and here. It’s combination of five. And then it’s coming at the end of a string here and then rip back up that way. Pay attention to those patterns. They can potentially make you money if you execute the trades properly. You just got risk reward ratios and don’t go over leveraged. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next vide


  1. Harcharn

    Great system

  2. Michael R Becker

    OK, so it’s a head-and-shoulders or an inverse h-a-s. 🙂

    I like the “bird” reference better.

  3. john law

    nice point


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