Hubert Senters here. I talked to with you yesterday about Micron Technologies and we’ll give you a little early warning on this one. I’m waiting for a 60 minute signal but we did get a 10 minute buy signal today so. We’re looking forward to drift down here to the cloud. Unfortunately, it has not gotten down there. And we’ve got an early warning system of trade here where I am going to bring in a 10 minute. And we talked about yesterday going. If it can get above that $49.31 area right there, there’s a long. So I would have to adjust that a little bit for today’s action so it will be $49.34 but that’s not too bad. So if you’ve got in it your stop would be something that you’re cool with. I would recommend a stop down here at like $47.95 so risking points. Now, where is your target going to be? I’m still waiting for a 60 minute buy signal but you don’t have to. You could obviously go in a 10 minute like I said yesterday like that’s a good signal. But you can use the 60 minute as your initial target so up here you got a 60 minute target underneath the cloud of $51.49. And then after that you should be on the easy train to $53 so hopefully you nibbled a little bit on Micron. You got stop-loss that you’re cool with and hopefully it will continue go higher if it does get higher it could potentially close and get all the way up to $55.34 and then test the $62 area. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.