Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at MTCH. Came up on one my scans this Friday and yesterday. If you want to sneak in here this is how I like to do it. So this is MTCH. First, let’s get a little updated target on it if you do get long at next week it’s probably going to work its way towards $175, $192 or $203. So I like to use multi time frame analysis. You probably should try it. I like it. It might help you. So a daily signal fired off right there on Thursday. This is Friday and it continued on. And you can see right there it was down that would be Thursday. I’m sorry this is Friday, Thursday and Wednesday. You don’t even have to be that smart in order to do this stuff. But what I’m looking at here is a 60- minute signal. And you’re like 60-minute signal two days up but what you can really do is you can sneak in there a little earlier with a 10-minute signal. Now, that’s still a two day so what I like to do is find something that’s firing off on either a 10-minute time frame that’s already in a decent up trend and get in it right as soon as it fires off. You can wait one, two or three bars. That’s up to you. That’s just kind of semantics. And here’s another case of a 60-minute. Here’s a 60-minute buy signal. Up one, two on the third day it re-visits the cloud. Up one, two on the third day it might re-visits the cloud. Usually an hourly signal is good for about three to five days. Sometimes less. Sometimes substantially more. I will be hosting a webinar this Wednesday, February 10th at 7PM on The Best Free Indicator in the World. My Secret Weapon for Finding Better Trades. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to this and I’m going to see you hopefully Wednesday, February 10th. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.