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MRNA New Price Targets

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look again and we’re going to have to update the Moderna price targets because they’ve all been met or exceeded. The good thing is it’s going to be easy because now we’ve got a nice little pullback out there that we can count so we can get rid of these numbers because all of these have been met.

And now once again Fibonacci extension is fairly easy to do. In Trade Station it’s called a Fibonacci Price Extension. You’re going to grab a low. Click one time. Drag it up. Click the second time. Drag it down. Click the third time. So you’re looking for a low, high, higher low.

So my eyes is going to gravitate towards. That’s the most recent low. That’s the high and I can either go this low. I’m going to go this from right here. So now, I’m going to start here low click, drag high, click low, click so now obviously, it will probably go back up through $341 and then continue to do its northerly march to $371, $420, $470 and even potentially $500.

Mark Helweg is doing a special webinar on The Invisible High Dollar Pattern Wednesday, July 21st at 7PM EST. All you have to do is click this button right here that says CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. Click it one time. Your name that you want us to call you by. Your first name, your primary email address so we can remind you to show up to the webinar. Your mobile telephone number if you want us to text you or voice message you and say hey, webinar starts in 30 minutes.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.


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