Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at LEN. If you’re looking for some place to hide your money it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot good places to hide your cash these days with all the volatility. So what you do is you scan the markets for something that goes pretty much intimidated one way or the other. Here is a one that looks decent to me. LEN it is above the turning line, standard line made new highs today. The markets didn’t do great today and it held up well. This thing got some more places that it can run higher to. Let’s figure out what those are. We’re going to take this low, these highs and then this low here. So potential targets could be obviously $84 but it hit $84 today. We’ll say $84 again $87 and then $89. I’ve been asked to speak at the Wealth 365 2020 Election Summit. No, I’m not running. There’s no way. I’m just joking. You got to be a special kind of person to want to leave the country. And you notice how like everyone on in getting there like 20 years. That will be worst job known demand. Anyway, I will be talking about what’s working in the markets. What markets are trending well both up and down and newly established fresh longs and fresh shorts is what I will be covering over there. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. See you on the next video. Hubert.