How to jump a Month


  1. Marty O'Connor

    Hello Hubert,

    I hope this is the correct place to leave a question. Regarding tonight’s video “How to jump a month”, I noticed the current month contract for the 30 year bond was at a price of 143 12/32 with volume a little over 300,000 and that the March contract was at 141 26/32 with the volume slightly over 4000. My question is, is this difference in price due to volume, or the length of the contract available, or is it a prediction of what the market makers believe the price will be at the end of the March contract?

    Thank you very much for these videos (they are very helpful), and all of your other efforts to make us better traders.


    • Hubert Senters

      Marty O’Connor

      Great Question. It’s a little bit of both.



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