Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the bond market. I am just going to roll through a couple of different ones. This is the two-year Treasury note obviously. The bloodletting is continuing to the downside. This is the five-year note. It’s making new lows. This is the 10-year making new lows today which is good because we’re short that thing and then here is the 30-year also new lows. The reason for this video is I’m going to show you that it does not require a huge amount of money in order to make this amount of money. So these are just examples of one lot traits. This is a 30-year contract. I’ve only been in that thing for two weeks, OK, so $3718. It’s at the dead lows right there so up to $3718 on a one lot. My initial risk on this thing was very low and tame pretty much anybody can handle it. I initially risked $156 and then I trailed the stop-loss where I’m locking in $750 now. That may scare you a little bit but don’t let it. It’s my cash not yours so it’s not a big deal so. I’m guaranteed to make $750 unless it is gaps way above that. I don’t like to trail the stop-loss really tight until I’m starting to get close to my target because that will limit my potential to make money. So that’s the 30-year and then I’m also short to 10-year over here and we’re up $1703 on that and so we can just do basic math here. Actually, let’s just do it on calculator because I suck at math. So let’s go $1703 plus and then let’s go over here to the 30-year contract would be $3718 plus $3718 would equal $5421 plus some change and it only took, you know, 14 days to do that or two weeks of trading. So it does not require a huge account. It does not require you have any specialize skills. What it requires is being patient and letting the trade work for you. I am going to be doing a special webinar with Mark Helweg tomorrow at 12PM Eastern, Friday, February 2nd on ‘’The Simple Hedge Fund Strategy.’’ Click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW to register for the webinar and I’ll see you tomorrow at 12PM Eastern Time. Now, on that video I just showed you about bonds. I’m thinking about doing another bond trading boot camp. I haven’t done one yet in 2018. It’s only February. I usually do either one or two bond trading boot camps in a calendar year. If you guys are interested in me doing a FREE webinar and showing you some stuff that you can do with bonds just reply to this email. Yes, you don’t have to write a paragraph or anything just hit reply and ‘’YES’’ and then I’ll figure out somewhere to put that in the calendar to show you guys how made that $5421 in two weeks so just reply with ‘’YES’’ in the reply and hit send and that way I’ll see what the attendance would look like for that creature. Good luck. Hope it helps and I’ll see you on the next webinar. Hubert.