Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Home Depot. I know a lot of you may be asking yourself the question ‘’did Home Depot cause all this sell off? And I think really what happens is the market moves and then CNBC and Bloomberg have to figure out a reason why the market moves. Can’t blame on something. Home Depot missed their earnings. And oh my goodness, there are some other numbers that either good or bad plus interest rates are rising. No joke. Interest rates are going to continue to rise. Well, here’s how it is so number one first, about 70 percent of any stock move either up or down or sideways is the underlying thing of that is the indexes or the futures market. So, you know, Home Depot trades on the NYSE but you could both look at the S&P, The Dow and compare both of those markets and you can see they’re both kind of in a weird spot. So if you look at ES you can see yes, it ran up but it sold off. It’s working its way back into the cloud. It actually closed slightly above the cloud which is positive and then you go okay, what about The Dow? Well, The Dow is in the cloud and closed in the cloud. So then if you compare HD, Home Depot they look pretty similar. Now, it’s not perfect because it’s never going to be perfect. But as you can see it didn’t have a one bar buy, one bar buy say that real quick three times above the cloud. And we had two bars above the cloud and then they missed earnings and then it pulled back. That’s not a terrible thing. Okay. One bar above the cloud is aggressive ,two would be moderate and three would be conservative so we all get waiting for is that third bar to close above the cloud. And it’s not a bad long. Now, if you want to cheat and if you want to try to time the thing what you can do is you can use a smaller timeframe like a 60 minute timeframe. If you really want to get picky about it you can pull in a 10 minute and go I’m not going to go long Home Depot until I get at least a 10 minute buy signal followed by 60 which is 60 is already a buy. So you need to have the 10 minute down here in the lower right hand corner shift back up above the cloud which would then give you a little bit more bounce on the 10, the 60 and the daily so I think it looks terrible. I don’t think it looks great either. I think it looks like it’s just transitioning, trying to figure out ‘’hey, am I going to stay above the cloud or am I going to work my way all the way back into the cloud and come back down here and test this $170? So remember any time all boats rise and lower with the tide. If the indexes are a little shaky or a little sketchy well, heads up, most of your stocks are going to be a little hesitant and a little shaky so don’t freak out. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.