Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Elliot. Wouldn’t Disney be a perfect place for a bracket trade? Thanks, Elliot. Let’s take a look at it Elliot. Yes Elliot it would so if we take the bracket parameters as follows a long above $179.50 or short below $165.58. That would be a bracket trade. So what we’re doing with the bracket trade for those of you that don’t understand what a a bracket trade is. It’s pretty simple trade. You want news events, earning or any other gap related news and it really doesn’t matter why it gaps up or down but you’re looking for that gap to take place. Then you’re just going to bracket the high and the low for that day and then you’ll wait for the next event to happen to either trade or close above that most recent high or trade or a close below that most recent low that was put in place by that gap. It can happen also on gap down situations too and it works in both directions and you’re better off letting the market tell you hey, I’m going to pullback here as it breaks through $165 or is it goes to $179. I’m going to go substantially higher. I will introducing Steven Brooks this Wednesday, December 16th at 7PM EST on How to Generate Weekly Income with Options. If you’re struggling with trading because you’re making it too complex I think you will be pleasantly surprise with his strategy.

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