Hubert Senters here. If you’re in AutoZone, AZO, Danger. Danger Will Robinson. You might want to check your position on that one. It’s getting smoked today. It’s $985 points — it’s a $600. Well, it was a $690 start. And now, it’s $650 start. Just be careful with AutoZone. If you are long be careful, throw your stop offs and if you’re not, it looks like a great short down there. They spent some time right there in the cloud and then just fell out of bed. It’s got some support around $587-ish down there but that’s still a good drop, that’s a $70 point drop. Now, you’re going to have to let it bounce in order to short it probably. But man that looks very appetizing on the short side. Also on a side note, I’m not a big news guy except when I see something that may potentially benefit my position. Breaking Dow falls $200 points after Powell signs that Powell signals. First, you have to learn how power signals fed will keep raising rates to contain inflation. Well, if they raise rates that means bonds a fall so you might want to get short some bonds. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.