Hubert Senters here. Yesterday, I messed up because I’m a moron. It’s all my fault. No one else’s fault but myself. I was talking about a little bit of Facebook action so let’s do Facebook up here. And I was saying Facebook versus Snapchat. And I was talking about Twitter. The analogy I was trying to — the point I was trying to get across was the one I think Facebook is a better trade than snapchat. Now, I think I said Twitter and I named the title of the video wrong either way it still stands so I’m just going to do it over Facebook is a decent long here and if you look at SNAP, Snapchat is a better short here. I think I named the video Facebook versus Twitter or something like that just because I’m a moron. Anyway, so I may had a follow up question so I’m going to answer that on Facebook. They said well yeah, Facebook is a buy, one, two, three, four, five or so days let me count. Let me be exact today one, two, three, four, five, six days above the cloud. But the ADX is below $20. Yes. Correct and that is one of the filters we use. There are always exceptions to the rules and that is a filter. But also when I look at what I’m looking at that and that was a good question and technically you are correct. If it’s just a clinical, if we will filter, we miss out out all the time and we only trade when it’s above $20 then you’d leave that alone and wait until that goes up. Another thing that you can look at is you can see that it’s sloping up. It hit a low of $15 and it’s headed toward towards the $20. So it’s kind of an anticipation trade where if it’s bottomed in the ADX and started going towards $20, we’re probably okay. But if you are using the classical definitions of we want to guess above the cloud and we want the ADX to be above $20. Yes. It’s not a pure classical definition of a new buy or new sell based upon that criteria. I forget who said it. Karen told me but I forgot the name so one of the book your name. But that is a valid point. But anyway, once again, I’m a moron and I apologize. I still think Facebook is a good long and I think Snapchat is a good short. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.