I Hope You Caught Some of This Today

Hubert Senters here. Now, if you were on last night’s webinar or if you got locked out because it was pretty packed you should have if you are in the webinar you should have taken this trade that I am currently in that I did with you last night where we did an a tech reversal on the 30 year bond. So this is the update on it. I got field on it sometime last night or sometime this morning because once you place the trade I have to stop and I have to target. On this example, I have an open target because I don’t want to just make a thousand dollars. I want to make more than a thousand dollars. But if you did take the trade today, you don’t taking a heat because I didn’t taking heat as far as getting stopped out. At one point you could have been up as much as only one lot. If you’re trading more obviously, it’s going to be more $625 right now you should be at $531. Now, depending on the size of your account if you’re going to hold it overnight then all you’ve got to do is just throw your stop down to something that you go with just like down here into something that you’re okay with trailing it into. Now, I cover in detail in the course on how to properly do that for your risk parameters. If you’re holding it over or not obviously you’re going holding it over or not if you’re not going to hold over or not. Remember, the bond market closes at 5. Now, depending on when you got this video. It may be either before that or after that. So just make sure that you know the rules going into that. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.

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