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  1. Winfred

    hey hubert

    the ambush has been by far the favourite setup for me now that I’ve been able to put the rules on paper and made it “my own”. I have Tradestion plot 2 50% levels, one using Globex high and low, (magenta plots) and Pit Session (blue plots) and I wait for price to touch the level by one tick and confirm if there is a +/-4 or +/8 on the Value Chart, if there is a volume spike or crazy ivan, even better, once those are check, check, check, its onto the 50 tick and wait for TTM Rotation to scale in each time it rotates as prices may trade lower. I’ve tried the all in method, I tend to get stopped out more often also using a 20 tick for the NQ. My T1 is a +/4VC, then move my stop to BE+1 and hope for the best, T2 is +/-8, T3 is hold on for dear life for more profits if the market givith. So far trading this setup with those filters in place, has been really good for the probabilities of a successful trade.

    Thanks again for the bonus material from the Gold Course.

    I’ve also applied the same chart setup to the Currencies and Bonds, it makes trading so much “easier” when you watch a level and have the market come to you, rather then figure out tick by tick what its doing. 🙂


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