Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Peloton, PTON. They went IPO today. In my opinion, I would avoid most if not all IPOs. You can always just trade them later, right. You don’t have to do it on the first day unless you can get on these things pre IPO which is possible if you know how to angel investor and all that good stuff.

But a better strategy in my opinion if you can’t get into them before they go IPO or you make a huge amount of money then do the Kmart blue light special trade which is this. Figure out where it opened at or the high or just going to use as $28 which is basically the high today and we’re going to divide that by two 50 percent discount.

So if it’s $28 it would be $14 is where we would like to think about purchasing this. You know I didn’t put a bid down there. But in my opinion it makes no sense to just buy these things navigate.

Now if you’re like what if it goes higher. Well, okay we’ll let it go through $28 and then buy it then like you save and you loading up the boat here at $25 that make a whole lot of sense if it goes to $14. But if it goes through $28 and takes out the high and it goes to like $60. We’ll just buy slightly above $28.

Mark Helweg is a special webinar on ‘’How to Potentially Profit from Huge Market Moves without Predicting the Direction’’ which a lot of people suffer from like you got to pick the direction right in this unique strategy you do not have to pick the directions. It’s really powerful. He’s going to be doing a special webinar on Tuesday, October 1st at 8PM EST. I will HYPERLINK you to this page.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.