How to Change Time frames on Your Charts

This is a simple way to change time on your charts. Leave a comment below


  1. Randy Dotson

    Hi Hubert,

    Would you please tell me or do a video on how to read the Darvas Box. Is there a certain number of bars after a low or high before you know for sure the top and/or bottom of the box is fixed? And do you have to have a bar close above or below before it’s considered a breakout. I keep getting creamed trying to read the dang thing. How do you work it? If you are looking for an instrument to break down, do you wait for it to come back to the top of the breakdown candle before you short it? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hubert Senters

      Randy Dotson

      I can do a video of the Darvas box this week for you.



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