Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at VIAC going vertical. It has a nice little run while the rest of the world is a little confused of what’s going on. Evidently ViacomCBS Inc CI B in other words VIAC is rocking ladies and gentlemen. It looks like a rocketship. Acts like it’s going to go clock $160. Now, obviously nothing go straight up or straight down so let’s see if we can figure out some targets on this bad boy. My eyes is gravitating towards here. Point one. Point two and then point three so I’m going to zoom out we can all look at this together. We’re going to go click once, go up here. Click twice and then pullback down here. Click three times. So what I’m looking for is low, high, higher low. Next target is going to be $101, $110 and $116. Now, you might be saying to yourself Hubert, that’s great. It would have been nice to know a little bit earlier. Well, let me show you how do that. So first you know you have a valid uptrend and what you do is you let it rotate on a 60 minute buy or sell signal. So in other words, we’re looking at a daily there. What you do is you wait for a 60 minute to rotate below the cloud and then go back above the cloud. You can also use if you want to go smaller timeframe a 10 minute. And what you would do is look for a 10 minute to bounce off the cloud. Now, down at the bottom of this chart you’ll see where it says HubertSenters_Ichimoku_Signals. I call it skittles because it’s the nickname I’ve given it. What this is doing the bottom timeframe so we’re looking at a 10 minute chart. So the 10 minute timeframe is the smallest bottom top. The 60 minute is the medium little dot. And then the larger timeframe here is daily so when I look at this stuff what I’ll do if you’re not that great at multiple timeframe analysis you can always just use this for a green light, red light. So what I’m looking for is just scroll back here and just look at that lies little signal. See where there’s a little yellow right there and then it goes back to all green so that right there would have got you in this trade right here. And let’s just say worst case scenario. It went on closing the bar at $82. And now, it’s trading at $94. That’s a quick 10 points in two days. Now, you can take it even further back and you can come back here and you can see like where’s the 60 minute that rotated from buy to sell. Now, my chart didn’t go back that far so I’m going to go direct click format symbol and give me 50 days. It’s going to calculate and re-populate and you see it chop down here. And then I just can go a little long by merry away. And I don’t see any yellow in the middle one yet. Let’s see if we can get one. We’re going to get one. Come on now. There’s another 10 minute signal. Look at there. You could have gotten that sucker way back here at $72. So the 60 minute has not been in a sell for quite sometime. So right there. Now, you’re setting they’re going when it’s at? I can do this little trick in Trade Station which is called pointer tracking on a work space. So now anywhere that I on a chart drop this thing right here is going to show up on the back side of this chart and it will be the same so you could have gotten long potentially on the 60 minute rotational trade around $67. Now, heads up, you did have to be a little patient if you’ve gotten it at $67. Let’s put the line there at $67. You’ve had to hold for 9 days. You have to wait for 9 days to go from $67 to $94. Now, that sounds really simple. That’s not easy to do because if you’re anything the rest of us traders you might want to take your profits a little bit early or jump out too soon or trail a stop too tight but that’s how you do that type of stuff. I’m going to be speaking at the Market Madness Traders Summit. I will be over there March 23rd-25th. I think I started off. I think that’s why they have me listed first which I guess I want to speak. I’m not the most organized cat in the world so I have to check my calendar. I am speaking in one of those days. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Here are all the individuals that will be speaking and it doesn’t say. I don’t know if it says what they’re talking about. Let’s see if I click on my name. No. It doesn’t say what they’re talking about but it will give the speakers pretty little face. Some of them are prettier than the others. Some of them are uglier than the others. That’s just life. Obviously the weight women have its beat by a lamb slide for sure. But I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.