Hubert Senters here. I am Dyslexic. And I know I’m going to butcher your name. This is the tool that I use when you all have names that I can’t pronounce. I go over to Google and I go pronounce this name and I listen to it. I may still butcher your name so heads up because I’m Dyslexic. And that’s the disclaimer I’m going to go with folks. Could you analyze the charts of TLT & MRVL and tell me what is in store and where are they headed next? Also, I am hearing of an impending correction to come in Gold and Silver. If that happens, what downside targets are good to pick up some physical metals? Thanks. Girish. Let’s take a look. So TLT is pretty much dead money at this point. It’s kind of like bonds. It’s an ETF that follows bonds and CI shares 20 plus year treasure your bonds. Right now, I wouldn’t do anything with it. The ADX is at $20 but it’s not really doing anything so for TLT for me it’s just a hurry up and wait. I don’t think they’re going higher. I don’t think they’re going lower. I think they’re trying to figure it out. So for TLT I would just pass and go. Let’s wait and see. So for MRVL is in the cloud. Once again once it’s in the cloud I’ll leave it alone and wait until it comes back out of the cloud to the high side and go long or back below the cloud and go short. So on that one it’s also a wait situation. The ADX is a little low on that $15.93. It’s not terrible. But I would wait. Now, as far as Gold you’ve already had a nice little pullback on Gold. And there was some bounce today. You could pick up. I would say that the new low for Gold is probably going to be the $1,900 area. If you want to buy physical gold like that you can hold I would buy Gold when it’s down. When it’s on a down day so back here it was down $100. Right here it was down about $10. There it was down $30 or $40 points. It’s a good strategy because the price of spot is going to flactuate because Gold right now is a little violent with the covid situation. People jump out of stocks oddly enough and they go into Gold. Now, they’re still in stocks and they’re also hedging in Gold which is kind of weird mob. Buffett just sold some banking stocks and loaded up on a Gold mining stock so that’s having an effect too. I would say anytime Gold is around $1,900-ish and on a down day. Makes sense to buy physical Gold. Silver. I don’t really trade as much Silver or own as much Silver. But for that number for me it would be like $2450. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to something out of the ordinary. This is how to become a speaker on either a webinar series or a stage. The reason I’m doing this is because I’m really close friends with the people that are putting on the event. This little cat right here is no longer alive. Had the biggest heart of any human I’ve ever met in my life. I’m going to tell you a funny story yet it may put off some off you because I have a six sense of humor. But that’s ok. I’m going to tell you a story anyway because I think it’s funny. So go to a lot of different mastermind meetings. Mastermind meetings are with other people that have successful businesses or high net worth and you can kind of share ideals and help each other grow your businesses to the next level. That’s kind of what a mastermind is. And here’s what you want to do if you want to get better. Teach someone that’s on your level. Teach someone that’s below your level. And then you also want to learn from someone that’s above your level. So you’re at the level of someone. Below the level of someone and above the level someone like financial wise or skill wise. So in these masterminds when you have new people in they go around like around table using a conference with 18 to 20 people sometimes more or sometimes less. And you have to go around and you have to stand up saying ”Hi, my name is John Smith. I’m in direct response advertising and I do Social Media. And you have to explain what you do. It’s basically like a piece contest. But it’s a nice one. The first time I met this guy Sean Stephenson and his wife Mindie. I have an icebreaker that I do it every mastermind. I go when they go ”hey, what do you do?” I stand up And I go ”Hey, my name is Hubert Senters and I’m in the media porn business.” It’s a joke. I’m doing it to be funny. Everybody laughs. because everybody else is you’re an investment banker, you’re a trader, you own a supplement company, you own a real estate company and everybody usually has a good laugh of it. At this point in time Sean was a guest there. I did not know him and one of my buddies Vinny which owns an accounting firm like ”hey dude, you’re going to tell your normal joke you’ve got?” And I’m like ”man, I don’t know if I can do this.” I was like I didn’t know this guy. And he set right into the right to me. And Vinny’s whispering into my ear ”you’re going to do it?” And I’m like I don’t know man. I don’t know Sean. I don’t know what he’s got. That sends a humor and it’s a little personal joke like me doing I’m in media porn industry. You know, I’ve dominate that industry. He goes you got to do it. And I’m like I know I got to but I don’t want to so if I go up and as I’m doing I’m the first one on the hot seat so I introduce myself and stuff like that. And the room is silent when I say ”Hi, my name is Hubert Senters, I’m in the media porn industry and we dominate in that industry and we’re looking for new talent.” Everybody in the room was like. And it’s silent. And Sean Stephenson is laughing his ass off and chuckling. The hardest laugh ever had. I was like oh, my God as long as you see things that are funny, that’s all I care about. But anyway, they’re putting on an event and teach you how to share you story with other people. If you’ve never seen him speak, you should. It would change your life. He was an awesome dude. These are different live speakers in a lot of different industries. That’s Mindie. That’s his wife. Go over and check it out. All you’re going to do is learn some information and you might learn how to speak in front of people and make money doing it. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.