Hubert Senters here. Had a question from a viewer. Does Hubert recommend a company for Fuel Cell Technology? There’s seems to be upcoming technology to power not only vehicles but electricity as well. So one you can do Tesla because Tesla bought out a Fuel Cell company or I think. Tesla is a play on Fuel Cell so you could do that or you could just do Fuel Cell, FCEL. Looks pretty good. Now, heads up anything that’s less than $5 can be manipulated so you have to a little careful. I mean you could just have a big buyer coming in there and push things up and down. So you do have to be careful. Anytime you’re trading anything below $5 stock I call it the penny stock. It’s not really a penny stock but that’s my definition for a penny stock anything less than $5.It looks ok. I mean it sold off with the rest of the market today. It’s had a high of $668 and now, it’s down to $255 on the daily chart. It’s a decent buy because it’s slamming right up into. It ramp up, pullback. If it can close back above $2.76 it will be a long with a target of $4. Hope that helps you out. Trade Thirsty is hosting a webinar this Saturday. I’m going to kick it off on ‘How I Find New Trend Trades in Any Market. I’m going to be going over number one how to figure out you’re a trend trader or a counter trend trader. If you’re in the wrong. I don’t mean this derogatory but it’s kind of like being in the dude, in the chicks or both. If you’re confused whether you’re a swing trader or a day trader that’s going to be confusing to you. It’s not going to do any favors. So then we’re going to cover based upon trend trader or a counter trend trader will then going to pick your timeframe. Are you day trader? Are you a swing trader? Are you a short timeframe trader? A medium swing term trader?  Or are you a longer term trader? Then we’re going to do a checklist to find the trades to fit your personality type. I will HYPERLINK you to this registration form. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.