Hubert Senters here. I had a question from a viewer if I thought Disney was a good buy here. Yeah, it looks ok. It is above the cloud four days plus it’s a potential bracket trade. The gap was here. That’s the high of the gap. So this day is a gap day. It hasn’t close above its gap day which would be around $119.96. I’ll just round up to $120. Once it closes above $120 I think it will be a better set-up. Right now, it’s sideways to slightly higher. It doesn’t look bad at all. It will probably retrace most of its downward little momentum here. Let’s see if we can get another fib on this. This has already pretty much past. I’m eyeballing it. I’ll do that Math on it here and see. Yeah, it’s right there. It’s already into the 50 so it will probably go to $125. So initially if it can close above $120 it will probably go to $120. And then after that work its way to $140. Now, if you’ve ever been interested in trying to get into angel investing or start-up investing.  I’m going to be teaching a class on that tomorrow. And here’s one of the crazier stories I’ve seen in a while.  Silicon Valley is going crazy for a Clubhouse, a social media app with 1,500 users that’s already worth $100 million. Now, I’m going to tell you how that happens. How company has 1,500 users and it’s an invite only application. It’s a social media app. And it’s already worth $100. If this stuff interests you and this story just came out yesterday May 20th. I’m going to walk you through how this stuff is possible and how you can potentially get a piece of it. Webinar takes place tomorrow Friday, May 22nd at noon EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll LINK you to the registration page. Hubert.