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Danger Danger EA is Melting


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Hubert Senters here.

Danger, danger Will Robinson. EA is getting absolutely destroyed. It was at a $140 sell four days ago.

It’s at $126. It’s in a free fall. The market is selling off. Not helping. It’s caused any at all.

$127 is not going to hold. I bet you that $116 is not going to hold. And it could potentially drop all the way down to $89.

I don’t think it will get bad though so let’s do a little calculation of where I actually think it shall go.

$116 to $109 make sense. Currently it’s trading at $126. Potential decent short. Prepare yourself.

Trade Thirsty is doing a Toast To Traders Saturday, September 25th at 9AM EST. Your guest speakers are Silas, Mark, Serge, Dan.

There are their topics and their bullet points. Pick your poison. Figure out which one you want to watch speak and register for the webinar.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.


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