Hubert Senters here. Congratulations on your successful first bond trade that you took if you are on the webinar Tuesday at 8:00 PM. Probably, going to do another on next week. I would invite you to that one but I just want to congratulate you all. Congratulations on your first thousand dollars. So I want to show you the calendar real quick. Let me move my camera down here to. Hold on just a second. So there you can see here on my calendar that was Tuesday the 15th, that’s the 16th yesterday and now it’s the 17th and it’s 2:12 PM EST. So it didn’t take you that long to make your first thousand dollars. Now, sometimes it happens faster than this. Sometimes it’s slower and it just depends on what the bond market is doing. But if you did follow the trade that I taught you to and the little simple directions you heads up, you’ve already got your first style. And I’m going to hold on to this. I’m not just going to take the thousand dollars and run on. I’m going to do is I’m going to turn it into a little small crockpot trade which just means I’m going to hold on to it several days and see if I can squeeze some more juice from the fruit. So I’m going to do another live on core presentation of ‘’How I made $6,281.25 10 days Risking only $312.50. You have already been to a webinar or you register and didn’t show up. Shame on you on how to do this. I’m going to do it again live because if you didn’t do it you’d just cost yourself a thousand dollars. The trade set-ups are not that hard. This is not that difficult. You’re in the right place at the right time. Now, you just have to do the right things at the right time so I won’t do another live webinar presentation of this material. It’s going to be Wednesday May 23rd at 8:00 PM EST. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to this page. Register and show up. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.