Hubert Senters here. Another pattern to look out for is a breakaway gaps. There’s two different versions. There’s a breakaway to the down side and there’s a breakaway to the high side. We’re going to continue to use MNST here, Monster energy drink. As you can see this is a gap down situation. That’s the gap. And in this situation, the gap is to the down side now, did do a little bit of retracing. But you can see ever since it did that gap down you did a little bit of a retrace but then the process went lower. Same thing here. Gap down situation retraced pretty much the same way it did here. And then it went lower and then in this situation you got a breakaway gap to the high side. So it’s probably going to pull back here and then ramp back up. So be on the lookout. You can do scans for these breakaway gaps both to the high side and to the low side. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.