Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the bond market. Now, this is not a typical day in the bond market. Usually, they will go in one direction and keep going that way. But right now, the bonds are on a major downtrend but a minor uptrend so the next two or three days are going to bounce so they’re going both up and down. But you can still catch if you want to. I wouldn’t do this long trade here. I would just focus on the short trade. This is an indicator I’ve got for one of my setups that basically froze it on the chart. And I don’t really have to think about anything. I just had to place the trade. And the rule set is just defined for my parameters and I just don’t have to stare at the chart. It notifies me when I need to do it. It just flashes on the screen. So you can see here is a short entry the stop loss up here the stop would not have been hit because it did not trade through it has to actually go through it. And there’s your first target so entry and then target. And then it didn’t hit target two then it came back up and then if you wanted to go long up here was a long signal. Here was the long stop and never gotten nowhere close to touching that thing and it went to target one and target two and then pulled itself back. So if you did both all three trades both sides you’re going to have one short and one target hit and then one long and two targets hit. It’s not typical for the bonds to go both down and up. It does happen from time to time. It’s just not the norm for them. And how you know that is by looking at the multi timeframe analysis so here’s how you know that. So as you can see here on this chart below. I call these skittles. It’s just colorful. And I didn’t have a cool name to make up so I call it skittles. The lower red dot here tells me I am below the cloud so I want to mainly focus on the short side. The middle ring dot here is a 60 minute timeframe so it’s above the cloud on the 60 minute and the 10 minute. So 10 minute above the cloud, 60 minute above the cloud and the daily is below the cloud so I know I’m going to rotate from green right here from green to green and then it will go back red again and I’ll get a trade set-up like this right here. If I’ve got enough data in the back I might have to change it. Once I get them all lined up here. Let me see how many days I got to go back. Here we go. So this is better than that so I’ve got red, green, red. Ideally what I’m looking for it will happen is red, red in this situation right here. You can see red, red, red that will be trade setup to the down side since this is a 10 minute chart. There we go. Now, you see it’s all red right here. All three timeframes are red, red, red so from this see where it change from green to yellow to red. It’s almost like a traffic signal. So that’s a brand new short right there and you would have stayed short, short. Obviously you can cover some if you want to. Or you can wait until it runs out of gas right there and that’s how you do that stuff ladies and gentlemen. Now, there are several different bond and note market you can trade and several different strategies and tactics. The first one that I recommend people start out with is first learn how to master the skill of making a thousand dollars or more risking only $156.25 so I have a special webinar on this topic. It will be live Wednesday, March 31st at 8PM EST. I will HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.