Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at the 30 year bond so we’re going to be doing a special bond trading boot camp this Sunday. It’s a live bond trading boot camp. I usually do one or sometimes I do twice a year where I teach it live and a lot of times we just sell the evergreen because everything is just as good as live.

You still get to ask questions in it in real time right. Anyway, we’re doing a special live bond trading boot camp Sunday at 6PM EST and last until 9PM EST. It usually takes me about two and a half hours to teach you everything I know about the bond market and show you all the stuff that I use on it.

Anyway, I want to show you an indicator that we include in the bond trading boot camp so what I’d like to do when I’m looking at bonds is first I stay on the right side of the daily trend so the daily is still up. It’s above the cloud. The 60 today drop below the cloud so I normally get three days a pullback to the downside so I want to avoid the short. You could short it if you want to.

And then the 10 minutes is below the cloud here. This is one of the indicators that you get in the course and I’ll show you what this is doing. So let me blow this up. Big green dot correlates to the daily trend, green above the cloud, medium green dot, 60 Minute is below the cloud, red below it. The 10 minute is below the cloud that’s going to be red.

Now, ideally if you get all three of these to match you’re going to be in a better spot. You see this yellow this means that the medium time frame at that point was in the cloud so ideally what you’re wanting to do here is if you can learn these up have either two out of the three match with the longer time frame or you can all the way back here. All three of mine at green, green, green kind of like a traffic light green, green, green, good long.

Same thing if you can get all the reds which you’re not going to see reds for a long time because the bonds haven’t been below the cloud in a while. But anyway, this will simplify your trend decision making process. We call them the Ichimoku signals but you could very easily call them the Ichimoku dot confirmations. You could call them whatever you want. Anyway, that’s what it does.

I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the shopping cart if you want to sign up and be one of the members in the bond trading boot camp. You’ll be along with 551 other attendees taking the live bond trading boot camp. It also comes with live trade sessions and alert system so you can see what we’re doing in the bond market.

If you’ve never traded bonds I recommend that you try it. If you’re a trend trader. If you’re a counter trend trader if you like markets in a real sloppy and choppy and go all over the place. Bonds won’t be for you although today they had a tight range. But for the most part they trend really well so I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the shopping cart.

There are two different options you can do. The price for the bond trading Bootcamp is $997 with the three indicators and the alert system and stuff like that. And we also have a three pay of $365.67. I will HYPERLINK you there.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And I will see you on the next video.