Hubert Senters here. I’ve been getting a lot of questions what I think about the airline stocks. For me they’re just a hard no. I wouldn’t risk it. But if you want to do and you can it’s your cash. Let’s take a look at those things. AAL, American Airlines. It’s still below the cloud here American Airlines so that for me is still not a long yet. Let’s take a look at UAL, UAL not bad. It is above the cloud by one day today. And ADX is like $18.96 so not terrible. I could be convinced for risk your trade because you don’t have to go out of business. Going long here at $36. Potential target of $48-ish and a tight stop-loss would be around $33 but heads up if the government doesn’t come in and save these things they’re going to gap down huge so that’s the risk that you’re associated with. SO UAL not too bad and DAL which is Delta also looks pretty decent as far as technical go but you know that underlying risk is still out there so you have to be a little careful with that. It would be long here at $29.80. Stop would be around $27.25. Potential target would be obviously $36 or higher. Mark Helweg’s got a webinar in August 26th at 8PM EST. That’s going to be Wednesday. I will HYPERLINK you to it. It’s why Gold could potentially be the trade of the decade. Checkout the webinar. Let us know what you think. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.